Breakfast Cereal and Corn Flakes Production Line

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Breakfast cereal corn flakes production line is a fully automatic processing line which is designed and developed from china and its use of technology with European advanced technology.

The production line uses corn flour, wheat flour, oat etc as its raw material. By twin screw extruder to accomplish cook curing, pelleting etc. Then by flakes pressing, baking, coating and other technological process to produce instant-eat crispy breakfast cereal corn flakes with regular, sweet, salty etc flavors.

Its breakthrough solves various difficult problem compared with domestic equipment, for example: pressing rollers sticking, low capacity of flakes pressing, low shaping rate, poor taste etc. Scientific processing technique can keep cereals nutritional elements. Reasonable equipments collocation and realizable process control ensure to produce nutritional crispy breakfast cereal cornflakes with various shapes and sizes. The processing line not only can reduce costs but also can improve market competitiveness.

Best corn flakes production line machinery Information:
Corn flakes making machine is a very popular equipment line. It takes corn flour as main raw material, it is very crispy after extruding, granulating,flaking,frying, seasoning. The outstanding characteristic of flakes is containing abundant compound carbohydrate and dietary fiber. We can also add some trace elements and minerals.

Breakfast Cereal and Corn Flakes Production Line

Corn Flakes Processing Machine:
Corn flakes machine produces corn flakes snack food with corn or other grain flour as raw material. The corn flakes is widely used for breakfast with milk or coffee as it is healthy and tasty. The corn flakes is extruded from twin screw extruder with high pressure ensuring the stable shape. Through flaking and drying machine, the corn flakes snack food will be crispy. The corn flakes machine is welcomed by many countries and have a wide market