Fully automatic hard and soft biscuit production line

Product Description

Full-automatic Soft / Hard / Soda / Beer Biscuit Production Line is a new generation advanced equipment which can produce biscuits such as hard biscuits .soft biscuits, soda biscuits, sandwiches biscuit, etc. Oven and machine shells are all made of stainless steel. This line has the character of big production capacity, Stable running, good-looking surface, easy operation, etc.

Different choices in the front of the line:
If you want to make a hard biscuit, you need 4 sheeting rollers. hard biscuit forming machine.
If you want to make a soda biscuit, you need to add a pr-sheeting, laminating machine on this basis.
If you want to make soft biscuit, you need a soft biscuit forming machine.
If you want to make a sandwich biscuit, you need to add a biscuit sandwich machine on this basis.
We will our china agent design the best scheme and equip the most suitable machine so that you make the most ideal biscuits

product specification

The automatic biscuit production line production process: Mixing flour with water, adding bulking agent, ameliorant and other auxiliary materials, and then forming, baking, cooling, stacking and packaging.

Introduction of Automatic biscuit production line:
1. When mixing low gluten wheat flour, water, sugar, milk, cream, oil, egg, the proportion of oil and sugar is Oil:Sugar=1:2; and Oil+Sugar: Flour = 1:2. The temperature of the finished batter is 26-28℃. The mixing time is 10-15 minutes.
2. The rotary moulding machine is continuous roll forming, stable operation, no impact, small vibration and noise, and no residual material. The whole machine is simple, compact and easy to operate.
3. The drive system of the tunnel baking oven transports the oven products and makes them have a suitable residence time in the oven to ensure the baking quality of the products. The transmission system includes the furnace belt, the transmission, the deviation adjustment mechanism, etc