Nutritional Rice Production Line

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Nutritional Rice Production Line is an another innovative application of screw extrusion technology. The production line not only can use rice powder, corn powder etc as raw material, but also can add various nutritional elements into raw material, such as vitamins, mineral and dietary fibre. Then by twin screw extruder pelleting to produce nutrition redouble rice. The technology not only achieve to keep common rice original elements, but also supplement and redouble nutritional body needs element

ModelBTL52-IIProcessing Line
Installed Power87kw
Power Consumption65kw

ModelBTL75-IIProcessing Line
Installed Power112kw
Power Consumption84kw
ModelBTL95-IIProcessing Line
Installed Power201kw
Power Consumption151kw

Fully automatic Nutritional Fortified Rice processing line

I.Multi Function Nutritional Rice Making Machine Artificial Rice Machine Production Line description
The rice processing machine is order to improve broken rice’s value,mill the broken rice into rice powder, and then we make it into nice outlook,brightly, realistic rice

This process line is studied in concern with the loss of nutritional elements in the rice which is made by the traditional rice processing. Rice and it’s by-products can be produced into highly nutritional foods by adding additional nutrient components after extrusion cooking. Further, for this process, the broken rice and rice bran can be reused. Process for making artificial rice grains,comprises a mixture of rice flour,water and oil in the extruder, forming into rice-grain shape,drying and cooling in low temperature.The technology makes it feasible to avoid the loss of nutrition.
II. Multi Function Nutritional Rice Making Machine Artificial Rice Machine Production Line feature

1. Raw material: Rice, millet, black riceand all kinds of corns and cereals .
2.Capacity of the rice processing machine : 120kg/h to 550kg/h .
3. rice processing machine materials: stainless steel and mild steel .
4. The biggest advantage of the rice processing machine :

The screw length is up to 1400mm, increasing compression and melting length than traditional 1000mm screw.