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These production lines are very important for our core business work we are doing complete work of this line in Bangladesh because we are already selling and servicing the production lines in Bangladesh and the admissions are very good in Bangladesh for which I would request the customer to come inside and test this machine. For then you will understand everything I would request all customers who want to do business with this production line or those who want to buy this production line to test these lines seriously.

would say that those who are involved in this production line are already doing business and face any problem or complications then contact us directly. And can consult us directly or you can visit and see everything. 

Products: By changing the moulds and process technology, this line can produce core-filled snacks, such as chocolate filled bar, cream filled pillow, rice cake, cereal bar, sheet snacks, etc.

Fully automatic hard and soft biscuit production line

Fully Automatic 2D 3D snack pellet production line

Nutritional Rice Production Line

Breakfast Cereal and Corn Flakes Production Line